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It has been years since the dead began to walk and civilization is now nothing but a memory. Cities are nothing but ruins, filled with the living dead, and where once small enclaves survived, now they are all gone. One of the last holdouts, a group of soldiers and scientists hidden in an underground bunker in Florida, are also gone after being overrun by the undead. But there were three survivors: Sarah, John and McDermott. Escaping in a helicopter, the group found refuge on an island off the coast of Florida, where they hope to begin life anew, away from the death and destruction that was once mankind. But the island is far from uninhabited, and soon Sarah and the others find themselves embroiled in the struggles of a small camp of people that came to the island years ago at the beginning of the outbreak. Here, men of science as well as civilians have begun working on a cure for the undead plague. But then Sarah finds out that she is the key to the cure, that she alone could be the one to save the remaining humans on the planet from a fate worse than death. Only there is one hitch. The key to the cure of the plague is buried in her notes back at the underground bunker, and the only way to reach Sarah's lab is through hundreds upon hundreds of walking dead that now fill the corridors. With a small commando force joining in, Sarah, John and McDermott have no choice but return to the fateful bunker where Sarah and the others had only narrowly escaped with their lives weeks ago. But unknown to them, the bunker harbors an evil far worse than the walking dead. An enemy they believe long dead has resurfaced with only one goal...vengeance and death. Though at first there was the Day of the Dead, eventually night must fall. Then there is only the Sunset of the Dead.



I started working on the new book in the Deadwater series finally. Artwork for the front cover is made already, and as of this posting, I'm on chapter 5. Book will definitely be finished and published, but I'm not in any kind of rush so it gets done when it gets done. Book will be released through Living Dead Press, so check in now and then to see if the cover art is there. I won't post the cover art for the book until it's officially finished--excluding editing, copy-editing and the like.


Writing another Deadwater book. Volume 11: A New Beginning.

Summary is below. It's not finalized but this is the gist of it.


The walking dead are no more, but their decaying footprint remains.

The world is still in chaos, and people still fight to survive day to day. Cannibals, slavery and other atrocities still continue. It's as if the walking dead were still around.

Still dealing from the loss of one of their own, the companions make their way through this apocalyptic landscape, still hoping to find someplace to call home, where they can put down roots.

Traveling to Alaska, wanting to get the stink of the rotting undead from their noses, Henry Watson and his fellow companions soon learn that the former USSR is raising it's mighty head once more. A renegade General, stuck in the past, sees the fall of the walking dead as his chance to invade the United States, to finally bring back Mother Russia to it's former glory. And there is only one way to do that: crush America under it's heel.

A ragged army of Russian soldiers is using the Bering Strait to cross into America, their plan to use Alaska as a staging ground for the invasion.

Though the living dead are gone, the world is still a very dangerous place, and the struggle to survive continues.


I have made a lot of Christmas/zombie anthologies. I always have stories in each one too, so I am collecting all of them, then writing a new story, and releasing it all under my name in one sweet book.

"Christmas of the Dead" is the title.


As of this posting I'm writing book 2 in my Warriors of the Apocalypse series for Open Casket Press. It's called Dark Holocaust.


Dark Holocaust is done, but needs to be edited. Also now writing a new zombie novel called: Comedy of the Dead--about more than half done with it. And for any Deadwater fans, though the series is over, there's no reason why the characters can't be revisited with a "lost" story, so to speak, so I began writing a new story that takes place before Dead Union. It's called Dead Haven. It has the four main characters: Henry, Mary, Cindy and Jimmy.


Dark Holocaust (Book 2) is getting a final proof read, but it's done and ready to go to print in a month or so. Check up on Open Casket Press to see when it's available for purchase. The next novel I'll be releasing is a superhero book called The Cowl. In the vein of superhero comics, he fights villains like the PupperMaster and Clownface.


Dark Holocaust is done and will be officially out May 2014. Anyone waiting for it, sorry for the delay, I guess I was dragging my heels in getting it proofread one more time before I signed off on it for good. The Adventures of the Cowl is also done and will be out around the same time. The Cowl is printed through Undead Press. Dark Holocaust is through Open Casket Press.

Next up by me will be a new Deadwater story: Dead Haven. Call it a lost tale that fits in the timeline around Dead Wave. This story has the main 4 characters only: Henry, Mary, Jimmy and Cindy.

What comes next after that is up for grabs. I have a Hills Have Eyes type story I want to do (cover art is being done now) and then there's the next Warriors of the Apocalypse story as well as book 2 of The Cowl. And this Xmas is a new zombie/Christmas anthology as well; I'm the editor.


The new Deadwater book is completed. Dead Haven probably won't be the final title however. Book is so large it will be split into multiple novels, all released at the same time. Any fans of Henry, Mary and Jimmy should be pleased. I'm not only the writer, I'm also the #1 fan of Henry and his companions, and anyone who has been missing their jolt of these guys should enjoy the ride. Below is cover art for the 2 novels.


Dead Army is now in print! Book 10 in the Deadwater saga!

Years since the dead first began to walk, the world is a very different place. Gone are the luxuries man once enjoyed,to be replaced with a want for basic necessities, such as food, clothing, shelter, and of course, safety from the walking dead.

At a time when the survivors believe the undead scourge is almost over, as the dead began to fade away, a new threat rises from out of the Nevada desert.

A lone zombie has appeared with the power to control the undead and this thinking, reasoning ghoul has a hate for mankind that has rarely been seen before.

Gathering the living dead to him, this zombie king begins to sweep across the state, absorbing every town and enclave he comes across, killing the inhabitants and changing them into zombies so they can join his dead army.

Henry Watson and his warrior survivalists discover the threat of the zombie king before he reaches the next town, and they try desperately to convince the town leaders of their dire fate.

But when the dead army arrives and surrounds the town, causing an unending siege that will result in the death of every living human being within its walls, it will be up to Henry to risk all for his friends and the human race. If he fails, there will be no stopping the dead army before it wipes humanity from the planet, leaving nothing but the dead to inherit the earth. In a world filled with the living dead, you can either fight or die.


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I have short stories in the following anthologies and a few others not listed: